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May 10, 1944 February 12, 2023
May 10, 1944 -- February 12, 2023

Linda Nieman, Age:78

Linda Sue Nieman is walking a heavenly path. She gave John Nieman 30 years of wonderful, blessed, rewarding years of her life. Linda started life in Fort Smith, Arkansas but was raised as a California girl. Linda graduated from Riverside City College in 1963. Her first child was born in 1966 and was christened Ronnie Wolfgang. Ronnie became a point of pride for Linda, not only for all the things he accomplished but for the way they were able to share good times and memories at Sunday dinners. In 1971 Linda was blessed with another child which she christened Cynthia Murphy. Cynthia presented her with two wonderful grandchildren, Alexis Breanne Murphy and Lindsey Kelly Taylyn Murphy. Lindsey blessed Linda with her first great grandchild, Julian King Ramos in 2014. Linda chose to leave California in 1998, joining her soon to be husband, John Nieman. Linda’s daughter: Cynthia E Ward lived close to her mother in Texas from 2013 until 2019 when life directions called her to move closer to her children and pursuit of a successful and rewarding life. Ronnie Wolfgang moved to Texas in 2006 and shared time with her until this day. Ronnie’s son Glenn Grover Wolfgang and fiance Joanna Horton beget Linda’s second great grandchild, Genevieve Marie Wolfgang (2022) that she loved adoringly.


Anyone who spent time with Linda, relished the moments they shared. Linda was loved by all that knew her. She loved her family without limits. Linda held her friends close. Pam Wolfgang was one friend Linda held very close and forged a bond that will span the distance between heaven and earth. Linda adopted (esoterically) Pam’s child Carrie Franklin who was married to Brandon Franklin. This union brought about a great grandchild, Leona James Franklin, March 2020. Linda lovingly presented her case that she was also her great grandchild. Pam and Linda teasingly argued over who got to be called GG. Niles Conditt (Pam Wolfgang’s son)who became a successful business owner and supporter of the family unity was also a part of Linda’s extended family. There will be a pining for Linda in a world that dimmed a little when she left to take her place in heaven.