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May 12, 1954 April 20, 2022
May 12, 1954 -- April 20, 2022

Crystal Elizabeth Paslay, Age:67

Crystal Elizabeth Paslay was called to Heaven April 20,2022. How do you summarize a life down to one page? A brief description of their life here on Earth seems minimized when you try to condense it down to the smallest bits of information for others to look back and remember. Everybody who has memories of Crystal Paslay, knew that she was a wonderful, brilliant, colorful, slightly crazy person that touched the lives of many.

Crystal Elizabeth Paslay came into this world, Wednesday, May 12, 1954 born in Fort Worth at Harris Hospital. Her parents Jake “Jay” Paslay Jr. and Ellen Marie Mosier were thrilled to have their first daughter. She grew up in a large family with eight siblings.

Crystal had three children. Her children called her Mommas after the show Dinosaurs that played on TV back in the 1990s. The baby dinosaur would smack his dad in the head with a frying pan saying “Not the Mommas”. She loved movies and music. She would listen to just about any type of music and her favorite song was Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

She was a brilliant accountant and was illiterate until she went to college. It was believed that she graduated high school, however, she did not find out until much later that she missed graduating by half of a credit in economics. She attended a community college in Virginia and Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas. She was a senior accountant for most of her positions. The last place she worked before she left the workforce was a place that provided payday loans. She said that she could not work for a company that took advantage of those who could least afford it.

She is survived by-

Siblings: Jake “Jacob” Paslay III, Clayton Derwood Paslay, Timothy Wayne Paslay, Amber Margaret Margelis, Daniel Keith Paslay, Frank Bradford Felmey, and Nelda Marie Felmey.

Children: Demitrius Allen Nelon, Rachel Ann Huddleston, and Jeremy Rey Stroud

Grandchildren: Faith Everline Huddleston, Nicodemus Patrick Huddleston, and Julia Raye Nelon

And many cousins, nieces, nephews