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October 02, 1942 January 31, 2022
October 02, 1942 -- January 31, 2022

Michael J. Nichols, Age:79

Michael J. Nichols passed away on January 31, 2022. Funeral Services will be held on Saturday, February 19, 2022 at 1:00pm at St. Jude Catholic Church, 1515 Greenville Ave., Allen, TX 75002. “Masks are strongly encouraged”. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Mike’s memory to St. Jude Catholic Church Attn: Business office or the Charity of your choice.


Michael J. Nichols was born October 2, 1942 and passed away January 31, 2022 at his home in Allen, TX. In the last few years of his life, he valiantly and courageously battled bladder cancer, several heart attacks, diabetes and emphysema. He died from side affects from his last heart attack that occurred on September 6, 2021. Michael graduated from Walters High School, Walters, OK. in 1960. Five months later he went on to have a career in the United States Navy. Survivors include his Wife Judy Coffin Nichols; Daughter Theresa and husband Michael Peters, Allen, TX.; his Son Michael Nichols Jr. of Allen, TX. and 1 Granddaughter Raven Harrison, Allen, TX. He was preceded in death by his parent's Theola Pennington and Horace Nichols of Walters, OK. He is survived by his 6 siblings: Judith K Martin of Houston, TX. and husband F. Doyle Martin (deceased 12/7/2014); Douglas and wife Linda Nichols of Duncan, OK.; Vicki Norman of Duncan, OK. and husband, Buzy (deceased); Horace Jr. and

Deborah Nichols of Duncan, OK.; Doyle and Marsha Nichols of Swinney Switch, TX.; and Pamela Lynne West of Duncan, OK. In addition to those listed, there are many nieces and nephews: Jayne, Dona, Doyle Jr., Tommy, Richard, Debra, Robin, Joel, Stephanie, Lyndell, Shelly, Don, Monica, Cherlyn, Samantha and many cousins and friends. While Mike was in the Navy, after leaving Basic Training in San Diego, CA., he was stationed aboard the USS Eversole (DD789) for 18 months, which covered his first 2 years of service. He traveled to Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, Sasebo) Hong Kong, China, Hawaii, Guam, the Philippines and various other ports of call while in Western Pacific area of operations. He was released from active duty in December of 1962, (after being held over from his active duty period for a few weeks due to the “Missile Crisis” in Cuba in early December of 1962.). After release from active duty in Mid-December 1962, he returned to his home in Oklahoma but was not able to find work so he re-enlisted in the Navy. After re-enlisting he was sent to the USS Haverfield (DER 796) stationed in Guam for 18 months and again traveled around the Orient during that period. (Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and various other ports in that area. When his tour of duty ended on the Haverfield he requested and was given duty in Washington, DC for a period of, at least, 4 years. He arrived in Washington DC in June 1964 and was stationed in the “Main Navy Building” until personnel could find a permanent station (Billet). According to Mike, it was there that he first laid eyes on the “love of his life”, Judy Ann Coffin from Ashland, Maine. He and some of his friends always stopped off at the Main Navy Cafeteria before going to their jobs and one day he saw Judy and her friends walk into the cafeteria and without having met her, he told one of his friends, “There is the girl I’m gonna marry”. They all had a good laugh. (But he and Judy did marry on September 4, 1965). A couple of weeks later he was transferred to the Audio-Visual Branch of the Office of Navy Information at the Pentagon, (he felt it was probably the best job in the Navy). After 5 years at the Pentagon his enlistment ran out and he was told by the Personnel office if he re-enlisted in the regular Navy his next tour was for 2-3 years at sea. In June of 1966 his daughter Theresa was born. Not wanting to go to sea, since he and Judy now had a little baby girl he sought other avenues; one

of which was the TAR Program, training reservists in Fort Smith, AR. In December of 1969 their son Michael Jr. was born.


After two and a half years in Fort Smith, AR. he had gotten into drag racing on weekends when he was not on duty. On July 7, 1972 he was almost killed in an auto accident at the local drag strip, and subsequently became too disabled to remain in Military service and was granted “early retirement”.


It took several years to completely recover from the accident. He was unconscious for two weeks and spent a month at Sparks Regional Medical Hospital in Ft. Smith, AR. to repair his hip and leg. He then was air lifted to Memphis, TN. where they attempted to correct his double vison from his head injury. During the procedure, while inserting the anesthesia, his optic nerve burst and he lost his sight in his right eye.


After recovering, he started college in Ft. Smith and later worked a year for the Alcohol and Drug Prevention office with the State of Arkansas. He was offered employment with the Social Security Administration in Helena, AR. as a Claims Representative for the SSI program. While with the Social Security Administration, he also transferred and worked in Shawnee, OK.


Finally retiring with 20 years of service with the Social Security Administration office in McKinney, TX., where he, Judy and their two children, Theresa and Michael Jr. finally made their home in Allen, TX.


Before becoming ill and the situation with Covid, Mike’s hobbies were going boating with his family and fishing from the boat with his brothers. He also loved guns and going “out to the creek” plinking on cans. He also enjoyed making bullets. He loved going to the Casino and playing on the machines. He said when he was there he could “just forget everything”. He also enjoyed traveling, especially going West and seeing the mountains and the mesas in Arizona. He loved cars and regretted selling his BMW convertible. If he had gotten better the first thing he was going to do was get another convertible and take a trip out West to the Pacific Ocean.