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October 01, 1946 November 19, 2021
October 01, 1946 -- November 19, 2021

Angelita Vasquez Vargas, Age:75

Angelita (Angie) Vasquez Vargas born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico 
and at age 75, quietly passed away in the early morning hours of November 19th 2021, 
after bravely fighting complications with renal failure and Leukemia. 
Married to the late Pedro (Pete) Flavio Vargas, she is survived by her son, daughter and 
five grandchildren. Her son Alfred Lopez, his wife Sherred Lopez, their son Cooper Lopez 
and daughters Shannon Smith, Elise Angelita Wilson and her husband Landon Wilson. 
Angie's daughter Sonia Monica Few, her husband Bryan Few and their son Austin Few 
and daughter Addison Few. 
Angie was a true-blue Dallas Cowboys fan who on most Sundays could be found 
hollering at the TV and calling the "right plays" from under her Cowboys throw blanket on 
the living room couch with her husband Pete. Apart from her devotion to "America's Team", 
Angie had a steadfast work ethic second-only to her seemingly endless patience she 
graciously showed with the challenges she endured during her life. 
What resonates most for those who knew Angie was her pragmatism and making it work. 
From the time that she and her parents immigrated to the US until the time her children 
were born - she had worked and was proficient in 4 different vocations. In life, Angie started 
just about every conversation and interaction on a positive note. She was a gentle yet ardent 
soul who desired above all else - to know she was part of making things better. Those who 
knew her best would all agree that she did.