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December 29, 1955 June 30, 2021
December 29, 1955 -- June 30, 2021

Claudia Young, Age:65

Claudia Young was born December 29, 1955 in Tulsa, Oklahoma to parents James and Patsy Kuzilik and left this earthly world on June 30, 2021. Claudia is survived by her loving children; son Sam Young and daughter Brooke Young, both of Dallas. She is also survived by her mother Patsy, siblings Roy Alan Kuzilik, Sonia Bland and Jim Kuzilik as well as cousins Michael Dunham, Bruce Cox, Carolyn Rosende and Keith Cox and a host of second cousins and loving friends and other relatives. She was preceded in death by the father of her children, Ben Young, her father James Kuzilik, Grandmother Thelma Bennett and Grandfather, Roy O. Bennett.   


Claudia’s first job in high school was at Mr. Donut, which her kids always made fun of her for. She graduated from East Central High School in Tulsa in 1974 and began her office career, showing a strong affinity for accounting at her first office job that would continue throughout her life. She also began her lifelong professional education. Claudia moved to the Dallas area in the mid-1980s starting with Grand Energy in accounting not long thereafter. She eventually became a Certified Public Accountant, the crowning achievement in her lifetime of professional learning and an extraordinary accomplishment for a mother of two with a big job. Claudia loyally served Grand Energy for over thirty years and was Comptroller of the company at the time of her retirement.


Time with Claudia always included lots of laughs, and dancing. Her smile lit up every room she walked into and was very contagious. She was the queen of laughing at her own jokes before she could even get out a word. If she didn’t pursue a career in accounting she probably could have considered auditioning for SNL. Claudia’s love for amatuer dancing began at an early age. While in Tulsa, she and her brother Alan often went to Cain’s Ballroom in downtown Tulsa to dance. They were third generation Cain’s patrons as parents Jim and Pat and grandparents Roy and Thelma Bennett also spent many nights at Cain’s. 


Claudia always had a taste for the finer things in life. Her favorite place in Dallas was Nordstrom’s at Northpark Mall. She would argue that Nordstrom's anniversary sale should be a national holiday! Claudia also had a strong love for fine dining. Her love for going out to eat is partially because one of her weaknesses was cooking. She made up for her perceived lack of cooking skills by being the greatest at making reservations, and knowing what frozen meals had flavor. Hot pockets! 


Claudia’s two greatest treasures in life surprisingly weren’t any handbags or shoes (though she did love them), but her two children - Sam and Brooke. She always made sure her kids had any opportunity they wanted and supported any dream big or small. She was everyone’s biggest cheerleader, but was the best at cheering on her babies. She always made sure Sam was involved in any dancing, singing, or acting lesson in the DFW area. Claudia also showed up to every sporting event that Brooke had, even if it was 30 degrees outside, you could see her on the sidelines bundled up in her pink parka and 3 blankets. What made Claudia the happiest was seeing her kids, friends, and family happy.


Though Claudia’s last four years were difficult as she dealt with early on-set Alzheimer’s, she kept a smile on her face for almost all of it. The disease took many things away from her, but her family and friends were very grateful that her joyful personality wasn’t one of them. She was still smiling, laughing, and giving everyone hugs in her last days. Claudia was a strong woman, and that strength was experienced by many throughout her battle. We have peace today knowing that she has been restored. Claudia no longer has Alzheimer’s and is walking the streets of gold with many of her loved ones and her Heavenly Father.