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June 19, 1951 February 12, 2021
June 19, 1951 -- February 12, 2021

Marc Levenson, Age:69

Marc Jay Levenson, a sentient, carbon-based life form, ceased all physiological operations on February 12, 2021 in Dallas, Texas after 69.7 orbits around a G-type main-sequence star in the Milky Way galaxy. He was born in New Jersey and spent many years in Syracuse, New York; central New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; the California Bay Area; and Dallas, Texas.  We cannot celebrate his life without acknowledging his love of technology, space exploration, science fiction, cats, and his acclaimed broadcasting career.  

While most children of the 1950s were dazzled by the heroic and superhuman feats of Superman, it was the freckle-faced mailman’s son from NJ who saw heroism, talent, and opportunity in the very human character of Clark Kent. After a high school experience in Millburn, NJ that included baseball and marching band, Marc took his broadcasting passion to Syracuse University where he earned a degree in Broadcast Communications.

Beginning his career in radio in Syracuse, Maryland, and Florida, he settled down afterward into his first television reporter and anchor job at WIXT-9 in Syracuse. His reporting there included uncovering the massive Allied Chemical pollution of Onondaga Lake and an interview with one of his idols, Carl Sagan. He moved on to a nightly anchor position at New Jersey Network where he became a regular fixture in New Jersey area living rooms. At NJN he also discovered and honed his talents at science and health reporting. In 1989 he won one of his three career broadcast news Emmy awards for his documentary project “The Sun of Man”, an in-depth documentary about the contemporary quest to perfect fusion energy. This project included the first ever interview by an American reporter of Russian dissident and physicist Andre Sakharov in Moscow. It was during this trip that he and a crew member donned baseball gloves and threw a catch in the middle of Red Square amid the backdrop of the fading Cold War.

Marc’s ambition in broadcasting would not allow him to quit there. His successes with health and science reporting at NJN took his career to stints on CNN, KTVT/CBS-11 in Dallas-Fort Worth, and the Microsoft startup network Tech Closeup in San Francisco. His major passion project with long time cameraman associate and close friend Ray Cordero was a pilot they created called “Discover Tomorrow”: a tech-centered television program into which they both put their blood, sweat, and tears. At every stop of Marc’s career his confidence, dedication, and unique sense of humor forged long lasting friendships all over the country. Longtime friend and WIXT-9 colleague Tim Fox particularly remembers the impact Marc had on his career: “I’m not sure how far I would have gotten without his support when I first got started”. While in Marc’s mind he was Clark Kent, for so many of his friends and family members, he was Superman.

Marc is survived by a brother, Neil Levenson of Brooklyn, NY; a sister, Marcy (Berlin) of New Jersey; a daughter, Yvonne (Goldberg) and son-in-law Adam of Roswell, GA; a son, Marc David Levenson and daughter-in-law Kristin (Bubnis) of Shrewsbury, NJ; a son, Brian Levenson and daughter-in-law Erin (Jones) of Coppell, TX; a niece and 9 Grandchildren. He is predeceased by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Ruth (née Roman) Levenson of Cranbury, NJ.

In lieu of flowers or visitation please consider mailing a donation in Marc’s name to The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy at 485 Half Day Rd. Suite 350 Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, or by visiting https://www.foundationforpn.org/donate/.