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Carlos Drane
January 11, 1963 -- November 15, 2020
Carlos Rodolfo Drane
January 11, 1963 - November 15, 2020

Carlos passed away peacefully at Clements Hospital in Dallas, Texas, after a two year battle with cancer. He was a man of so many passions, no one really knew what he would do next. Between his love of Realtree camo despite never having an interest in hunting to his strange obsession with banana pudding; he kept everyone around him on their toes. Even after his death, his family was unable to post to his Facebook page because he had landed himself in Facebook jail from his love of sharing too many political memes.

Carlos was born on January 11, 1963 in Gary, Indiana, the son of Rudolph and Teresa Estrada Drane. When he was a child, his family moved to Mississippi, then later to Louisiana where he came of age and eventually joined the military. He was a mischievous, yet loving child. Raised Catholic, he eventually converted to Baptist and was a devoted servant of God. Living in His light and inspiring everyone around him with his gracious, fighting spirit, and can-do attitude. A favorite quote of his was “God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn’t do.”

He was a 1981 graduate of Bonnabel High School in Metairie, Louisiana. During this time, he learned to play saxophone, hated P.E. and played pranks on his dad. One picture of his dad smoking a cigar in the shower comes to mind! After graduation, he worked at an Italian restaurant, working his way up from bus boy to waiter to bartender. After having to give his first child up for adoption, he decided to pursue something bigger than himself and serve his country.

Carlos joined the United States Air Force where he specialized in Satellite Communications. He was stationed at Camp Zama in Japan. It was there that he met his wife, Tracy Brannon. After a two year romance, they married at the American Embassy in Tokyo on July 16, 1990. They had their 30 year anniversary this year while he was in the hospital. The two shared a love of music and trying new things, but they were also opposite in many ways. Best friends until the very end, they stuck together like glue. Tracy supported him through all of the struggles life threw at him. For instance, when he battled with his weight, they got healthy together. (Except for the occasional pack of cookies!) Because of Tracy's genealogy obsession, he was able to reconnect with several members of his extended and distant family. For all of these and more, he expressed gratitude many times. 

Carlos and Tracy’s union produced the most amazing daughter in the world, Casey Drane. Carlos and Casey were very close, especially after Casey came into adulthood. They would talk on the phone for hours about their many interests and would philosophize about the world. They agreed that neither of them were put on this Earth to be normal. One thing is for sure, he was so proud of her. Some of his last words were bragging about her to his attending nurse. In reference to her music videos, he said “Isn’t she great?” 

Carlos left the Air Force and went into Information Technology. He would repeat that his job was always a means to an end, the end being his hobbies. Carlos could sew, produce videos, play the drums, and run races! He once said “I’ll run a marathon, I just might have to do it in two parts.” And do you know? He did just that. Completing two half marathons in the span of about a year. The three of them once tried rock climbing, but they never did get the hang of it. He adored his cat Niko, even though he always claimed he didn't have a cat - the cat had a human. He loved to try new things, he was most recently interested in paramotoring. What he was famous for was his love of water sports! Speaking of which, he has left behind a canoe, two paddleboards, and a lot of gear that his wife and daughter aren’t sure what to do with! He expressed many times that the most relaxed he’s ever felt is on a paddleboard in calm waters. 

One look at his Facebook after the announcement of his death, and it is obvious how loved and cherished he is by everyone who had the pleasure to know him. He was very independent and extremely strong willed, and he left an impact on people. The drive he had to always persevere, to never half-ass anything, and to always help those who needed it. He had honor. 

Carlos was pre-deceased by his parents; a half-sister, Mary Catherine Drane Taylor Wilkins, and a half-brother, Rudolph Drane, Jr.  He is survived by his wife, Tracy Drane of Forney; daughter, Casey Drane of New York City; daughter (adopted but reconnected), Anna Boogaerts (C.G.); granddaughters, Mary-Elliott and Grace-Michael Boogaerts, all of Shreveport, LA; several nieces and nephews, cousins, and other relatives.

Memorial will be after the holidays in Forney, Texas.