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Danny Malone
January 20, 1951 -- July 10, 2020

Danny was born in Dallas, Texas and passed away in his sleep at his home in Lubbock, Texas. He Graduated from Lubbock’s Coronado High School in 1969. He lived and worked in Lubbock, Midland and Odessa. A Master Welder, he built steel chairs for prisons and assembled conveyor belts for large retailers. He considered his greatest working accomplishment was building The Lubbock Lone Star Amphitheater.

He was a kind hearted, fun loving person who lived his life on his own terms. He loved Music, picking around on his guitar, hanging out and jamming with his friends. Watching and hearing his friends play in a band was a really big deal to him. There were many artist Danny liked, but Merle Haggard was a hero. Want to hear a good joke? Danny always had one. And the real-life stories he could tell were all entertaining.

Danny enjoyed fishing and really liked going to the Drag races, especially the Nationals in Ennis.

Danny is survived by his sister Andrea Darlene Caldwell and her husband Raymond of Ennis, Texas. His namesake niece Kristen Danielle Carper and her husband JD of Lander, Wyoming and niece, De Dee Myers of Memphis, Texas, two nephews, Donivan Myers of Amarillo, Texas, and Matt Tschannen of Riverton, Wyoming, one uncle, Don Malone of Dallas, Texas and many great nieces and nephews. Danny leaves behind several cousins and many, many good friends. He is preceded in death by his Parents, Margie and Andy Malone and sister Donna Sanders.

Danny will be missed by all who knew him and we will all cherish the memories we made together.

A Celebration of Life is not planned during this complex and troubling Covid-19 pandemic.


Andrea Caldwell July 17, 2020

Sister Ennis , Texas

I will Love you Bro forever and ever!

Jo Ann Thom July 25, 2020

self Yorkville , Illinois

Sorry I am late sending a card etc. I will be doing that soon...Much sympathy to you and yours.

Chrisse Roberson August 04, 2020

Great Niece LUBBOCK , Texas

I will miss you uncle Danny! I will never forget when you taught me how to make chicken fried steak at Mommy-o and Daddy-o's house when I was little. You pulled up a chair close to the stove and told me to get in it and I did and we both stood right there watching over that steak until it was cooked. You never left the stove! I find myself doing that same thing now and then and I think of me and you and that chicken fried steak! I also will never forget that no matter what kind of pants you bought to wear you always called them wranglers and when you were still in the hospital you tried to get me to get those wranglers for you so we could sneak out of the hospital! And lastly I will always miss that no matter how sick you got you never forgot who I was and every time I walked in to see you, you smiled big and gave me a big hug and you made sure every nurse knew I was your Great Niece. So many other memories but those are the ones that I think about the most. I love you Uncle Danny and miss you so much!

Chrisse Roberson August 04, 2020

Great Niece Lubbock , Texas

This message is from Mackenzie Mason and Dylan Martin We love you Uncle Danny and we will miss you so much!

Anita Jones August 05, 2020

Close friend WHITNEY , Texas

Danny was like a brother I never had to me. He was a honest good man and will be missed my me. Rest in.peace

Dedee August 24, 2020

Niece Memphis , Texas

I would like to share some things about Danny Keith. He was my Uncle an one in a Million. He held all of his friends so close to his Heart. One day he came to Memphis to see his oldest sister Donna, then he came to the truck stop I was working at an yelled DeDee I might of known you would be working here. I have been through 3 States looking for you. I told you if you ever run off I would find ya. Nobody in the whole truck stop wasn't saying anything they were just looking at him. Then a lady that work with me said DeDee is that your x husband an I busted out laughing an said no that's my Uncle. Danny had that whole please laughing so hard. But that was Danny. When my kid were little he would come to the house in Lubbock. Then he would go to the store an buy stuff for supper an make. He would have a chair for the kids to stand in and one for him. They all set in front of the stove an he taught them all to make Chichen Fryied Hamburger patties an mash taters with gravy on the side. When the kids an I lived with him for a while he was always taking the kids bowling or rent them movies an get the pizza an ice cream. He was such a good man an is missed really bad. Danny loved to talk about politics. The last I got to see him was when he took him Christmas dinner. My daughter made him a plate an we stayed while he ate. He thanked an thanked Chrisse for that plate and told her how good it was.I said something that I heard about Trump an Chrisse just looked at me an shook her head. She new we would be on that subject for a he could talk your ear off. I love you Uncle Danny. We will see ya when we get there. You were 10 yrs older. Won't that be something if I'm the same age as you when I get there. Or many 10 yrs older. Only God knows. I bet there's Awesome Fishing up there.