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November 16, 1931 February 20, 2020
November 16, 1931 -- February 20, 2020

Ethel Smith, Age:88

In loving Memory


Ethel Lee Smith was born November 16, 1931, in Alexandria, Alabama to the late Luther McMillian, Sr. and Emma McMillian, both preceded her in death. She was raised in Alabama and moved to Detroit, MI in her early twenties and that is where she considered home, as she raised her daughter to adulthood. She lived a long and satisfying life and although she fell asleep in death on February 20, 2020, she will always be deeply loved by many and will never be forgotten as the matriarch of her immediate family. She will truly be missed.

Ethel came from a large family of ten sisters and brothers. Six of whom proceeded her in death: Sister Vera McMillian, Brother Wallace McMillian, Sister Lorene Walker, Sister Perlie Mae May, Brother Ross McMillian, and Sister Beatrice Weatherspoon. She leaves to mourn Brother Luther McMillian, Los Angeles, California, Brother William Lewis McMillian, Weaver, Alabama, and Sister Rosetta Teague, Anniston, Alabama.

Ethel was joined in holy matrimony to the late Arthur Smith, who proceeded her in death. She leaves to mourn her only child Shirley McMillian, and three grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. Her eldest granddaughter Kimberly Washington-Bledsoe, whom she affectionately called (Ms. Ann), and Kellie Washington-Broxton (Gregory Sr.) (Sister Barbie), and Kenneth Washington, Jr. (Knuckle). Her great grands: Taylor Bledsoe (Tay-e-Mae), Gabrielle Broxton (Sister Gab), Cayden Joyner, (Brother Cayden) Gregory Broxton, Jr. (Little Greg), Kristopher Washington (Greasy-Picture), and Kameron Washington (Kam)

Prior to her passing she studied the bible with her granddaughter Kellie, and grandson in-law Gregory. From this study she was able to come to an understanding of basic bible truths, along with developing a close relationship with her creator Jehovah God. She enjoyed learning about God and his intended purpose for mankind. She was thrilled to learn about the prospect of everlasting life. These bible truths made her happy. She often said how much she enjoyed learning about the bible.

She also leave to mourn family and longtime childhood friends of her daughter. Jacquelyn Doyle-Meadows, (whom she loved and considered to

be a second-mom to her), Evelyn Ray-Hughes, whom she loved for over sixty-years. All the children and grandchildren of her daughter’s childhood friends. She was especially fond of Kendall (Peanut) Doyle…Whom she said was the sweetness and best behaved baby in the world. Love Gama!

She was also loved by her friends, nieces and nephews, and cousins. She especially had a deep love for her favorite niece who proceeded her in death Stephanie McMillian.

A Daughter

Mom for a longest time it’s just been me an you. You have always been in my corner.

Throughout my life I could always to depend on you to help me out of any jam that I found myself in. What am I going to do without you? So many of my friends have loss their Mom’s, and I was the only one who still had the privilege of being able to say “My Mom” said this or that.

When you have your Mom, you’re always be “somebody’s baby”

Sleep my dearest Mother, I will see you soon. I look so forward to seeing your face again. John 5:28, 29

Though sickness ravaged your body, but Jehovah has a plan to rectify that: Isaiah 33:24

My prayer every day was for you to not experience any pain, and Jehovah answered my prayers. You did not suffer!

I hope you felt that I was a good daughter... You often said that you were glad you had a daughter, because a daughter is a daughter for life.


Loved you always….Shirley


GLENDA TAYLOR February 22, 2020

Friends Detroit ,

Praying for you and yours at this time of pain and loss. Love Glenda and family.

Rhonda Madden February 23, 2020

Sister-in-law North Las Vegas , Nevada

Dear sis, it seems that your beautiful mother lead a full and rich life. You are blessed to have her as your mom as well as she is blessed to have you. May she rest in everlasting glory. And I pray comfort and strength over you and your family. Love Rhonda.

Lynn Coolman February 25, 2020

Acquaintance Arlington , Texas

On behalf of Carepath Hospice…we offer our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed. You and yours are in our thoughts and prayers at this time. God bless each and every one of you during this time of grief and sorrow. Respectfully, Lynn Coolman – Bereavement Coordinator, Carepath Healthcare – (Pastoral Care Team) for Family Support.

Veronica Salciccioli March 02, 2020

Friend of Shirley McMillian Harper Woods , Michigan

Your mother could not have had a better daughter. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.